More than 2% of the population suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders like epilepsy, severe autism or intellectual disability. The economic, social, and emotional burdens for patients, families, and society are enormous.

There are no cures to treat the underlying mechanisms of disease and only few medications alleviate the symptoms.

Neurolentech was founded in late 2020 as a spin-out from IST Austria to identify new treatments for neurodevelopmental diseases.

We use the latest scientific laboratory techniques to develop patient-derived neuronal cell models that give us insights into the molecular mechanisms of disease. We use these insights to develop new potential treatments in close partnership with biopharma companies.

Stem cells reprogrammed from blood or skin cells are generated from each patient, which are then modified into brain cells genetically and functionally identical to the brain cells in the patient's brain.

The patient-specific brain cells are precisely characterized by molecular and functional investigations to identify potentially druggable targets.

Data from individual patients and the corresponding neurodevelopmental disorder cell models will enable the development of new therapeutic approaches and suitable diagnostic tools.